Michael’s hiccups and stomach distress continue. I woke up to a trail of bodily excretions and after I was done cleaning up the mess, including giving him a shower, he threw up all over the kitchen as I was watching the dishes. The nurse came. We’re trying something new. The medicine should be here tonight. I hope it does not, like everything else, make matters worse. We shall see. My patience is wearing thin.

I found a refrigerator repair guy who was willing to come out today and that was great news but it’s completely broken. That was bad news. It’s only 4 years old so still under warranty. Good news. But Sears won’t send anyone out until Tuesday. Bad news. And if it’s the compressor, as the repair guy said it was, it will be a week to ten days after that.

So I’m looking at living without a refrigerator for a week to ten days. I tried to get them to understand that it’s not really feasible given our situation, but Sears really doesn’t care.

I said my husband is terminally ill. Don’t care. I said he has medication that needs refrigeration. Don’t care. I said I need for him to be properly nourished and some of those foods require refrigeration. Don’t care. Don’t care. Don’t care. In other words, I’m working the day after Christmas. I don’t care what your personal issues are. Oh okay.

I said well I understand I can’t do much about this now but I’m not going to let this go. I’m going to revisit this at some point. And she sounded like sure you are and I said, “I’m an attorney, we don’t let things go.” And she told me to hang on and then came back and said, “Now that you have threatened a law suit, I must refer you to our legal department.” I said I haven’t threatened a law suit. And she said, please talk to our legal department and hung up. Customer service. Not so service-y.

I managed to get an appointment for next week and it should be fixed within two weeks but this was the point where I truly started to lose it. I just sat and cried for a long time. My youngest son was here and though they planned to leave and go home, he went to Home Depot to buy a small refrigerator for us to use in the meantime. I still feel completely overwhelmed right now.

The refrigerator that is broken is a Kenmore Elite, top of the line (yes, VERY elite this thing is! Perhaps Sears is confused about the word “elite” and what it really means) and I can’t replace it for less than $2,000.00 which I don’t have. But Michael can’t get anything to drink or eat for himself now. The little refrigerator is downstairs so now I have to do all the running. If I had the two grand, I would buy a comparable refrigerator (from someone else), but I don’t. So I have to wait. And I hate it.

Oh and I’ve been a Sears customer my whole life (my parents bought only Kenmore) but I’m never buying another thing at Sears.