Michael has been doing well this week. He’s gotten more and more verbal and is feeding himself. He’s been in good spirits and even joking around.

Last weekend I felt so dejected that he wouldn’t respond to me and didn’t really talk to me. Two weeks ago we increased the Decadron and he’s been much more aware and alert. He’s still not capable of walking on his own but he’s awake and alert. I’ve joked a bit with him about the kids. We had these inside jokes about the kids and it was fun for me to hear him laugh when I made a few comments.

I miss him so very much that these small glimpses of our relationship just make my heart swell. I love it.

We’ve even done some joke bickering which we always did. We have never had a long, knock down drag out fight and i can name the arguments we had that went more than 20 minutes on one hand…but we would tease and do joking bickering. And I miss that so much. And we actually did some of that last night and this morning.

This window is really nice. And I like it. And I’m just glad I’m having him again even for a little while.