I am watching an MSNBC show about a woman who is trying to get the best care for her stroke-victim dad who was so good to her during her life. The first place, a rehab, abuses him. The next time she brings him home and installs video cameras and finds a nurse who she thought of as a friend. At first the footage is of the nurse taking care and doing what she should be doing. She cut back on looking at the tape until she gets a feeling she should. She finds a tape of the nurse BEATING HIM UP.

This past week Michael had a new caregiver who had him up when I got home at night. He was always in bed before. He is often up before I’m even gone in the morning. He’s moving his bowels every day instead of every week because he’s moving around and getting plenty of food and water. He’s gotten attention all day every day and you can see it in his improvement.

I was at the point of installing a camera, not because I thought he was being beaten, but because I thought the lazy ass was doing nothing. Now I know that’s true. There is such a change in Michael. He’s getting good care and it shows.

The woman in the show has written Congress and tried to raise awareness about this serious problem. I don’t know how she kept from beating up that nurse after seeing the tape because I know I wanted to pummel Michael’s caregiver who was more of a passive lazy ass than anything else.

I’m paying him more and, to be honest, I’m going broke. My salary is just covering the mortgage and his nurse. I make too much for any kind of aid and every other expense is going on credit cards that I just paid down. But if I had more money I’d give it to Michael’s nurse. Anything to give him the best care.

If your loved one has a caregiver please install a camera or do something to make sure your loved one is well taken care of.