I hurt my foot on Thursday and expected it was sprained and would get better. It did not. I hobbled around the store today and on the way home my foot was throbbing. So off to the hospital I go. Did I mention I hate hospitals?

I was in the room next to where Michael had been after his seizure and my xray tech was the same guy who did Michael’s last MRI. I was in a room with a snotty 12 year old boy who spoke to his mother in a way that, had it been one of mine, would have needed to see a doctor. I was thinking what is wrong with this mother to let this kid be so rude? To her. To the nurses. To everyone.

I was sad sitting there. All alone again. But it wasn’t quite as bad. I am sorta resigned to it.

I sighed a lot.

The foot is badly sprained and one of my bones is bruised. The foot is very swollen but they gave me a boot. And more painkillers. The pharmacist is going to think I’m some sort of addict since the dentist gave me painkillers on Tuesday.

I was out of work all last week with my tooth so I have to go tomorrow. Hobbling.

Michael is a bit low energy today but I’m going to try to get some food in him and later on get to bed early.

And turn the page on this week.

I hope.

Update 4/20: I went to work today and coming home I was hobbling around the rain soaked, wind soaked sidewalks of Manhattan. The sock on my booted foot was soaking wet and I had an Ugg boot on the other foot, also soaked. My umbrella was blowing inside out and the rain was coming down in torrents and sideways so there was no escaping it.

I was then hobbling on a rain slicked dock to get the ferry and thought if I could just get close enough for the captain to see me he wouldn’t leave a disabled woman on the gangway. He didn’t look pleased or happy waiting for me as the rain and wind almost knocked me into New York harbor while I tried to RUN with one sprained foot and the other wrapped in soaked lambswool.

Yeah, things aren’t changing so quickly.