Michael is still confused but his communication is sweeter today.

He said to me, “It’s time we got ourselves up out of this house.” and I said, “Where do you want to go?” and he said, “Let’s ride up to Billy’s Chowder House.” Ride means motorcycle. Drive means car.

This is something we did in 1999. Two friends of ours from California were coming for their first tour of the East Coast. We had suggested a lot of different places for them to see on their whirlwind tour. One of those places was Ogunquit Maine where we spent every 4th of July (Michael had a tradition with his oldest daughter of spending 4th of July day at York (Maine) Wild Kingdom and then going to Billy’s Chowder House in Wells for dinner and then seeing the fireworks on Ogunquit beach. I had only known him a short time when he invited me up on July 4th and seeing him interact with his daughter and her friend and knowing that he had “created” this special time for them every 4th of July really put me over the top about how I felt about him.)

So when friends of mine called in 1999 and asked for a place to see the Atlantic Ocean, I recommended Ogunquit right away. We decided to meet them and introduce them to great Maine seafood at Billy’s. It was a nice night so we decided to take the Harleys. It was a beautiful ride up and we met them at Billys and had a great dinner and took them (on the bikes) back to their place near Ogunquit Beach.

The four of us walked on the beach and talked and joked and it was a beautiful night. We had coffee before leaving and then Michael and I left and drove home along the ocean.

The moon was full and the night was clear and the ocean was magnificent. And we rode along just soaking it all in. We took our time going home and hit as many seaside towns in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts as we could. I think the one hour (by car) ride took us over 4 hours that night. And we loved every minute of it.

Today Michael was there. Wanting to go to Billy’s Chowder House on the bikes.

I indulged him his memories. I talked lovingly about that night

and I said, “That was nice night, wasn’t it?”

and he said, “Nothing better…..Harley….Billy’s…..and….You.”

And I turned away before the tears fell.