Michael has a stomach flu. He’s been really sick the past 2 days. I worry about this in his weakened state. I have to say that what I’ve noticed the past few days is that he looks worn out. I feel so horrible that there isn’t anything I can do for him. He never ever complains. He just got finished vomiting profusely and I asked him how he felt and he said fine and gave me a smile. Whenever I hear anyone complain about anything these days I simply want to whack them upside the head.

UPDATE: He’s still sick and trying to keep food down. Hospice ordered some anti-nausea medication. He never complains and I wondered if he cried a lot as a baby. We’ve never talked about that so I asked him, “Did your mother ever say what kind of baby you were?” He was leaning over in case he had to throw up and he looked up at me and said, clear as a bell, “Small.”