I’m still writing up the post about the memorial but I will be posting short notes as a way of journaling. I have no idea if any of these posts are going to make sense.

Today I went downstairs and, as I’ve mentioned before, I have about 50 boxes down there that we were supposed to go through last year. Today I went down and I picked up a small box…thinking I’d start small. There was a small Harley box inside the small box. It was a box I had bought him and it was taped closed. Tape all around the outside. I had no idea what was in it.

I opened it and it contained an engraved lighter I gave him, a watch I gave him (not working and not expensive), a faded picture of me in my motorcycle clothes with our two motorcycles sorta photoshopped to the bottom and a goofy card from me that said “Happy 11 months and 3 week anniversary. I bet you thought I’d forget. love, me.” (it was a joke between us that I was the one who forgot our dates…meeting, first date etc). Taped to the bottom of the box was a label he had written: “some of our first year.”

I had no idea he kept things like this (a few momentos) organized like that.

He always kept my cards by his computer (the last birthday card etc). There was always a card for me next to his computer.

I know he kept everything I ever gave him but this was the first time I saw a purposeful organized grouping.

It was like a punch …


…I think I’ll stay out of the boxes for a while.