I keep finding little things that I’m not looking for. Last night I was testing the garage door after we had a security system installed and as I walked on Michael’s side, I spotted a long box on top of his file cabinet (he kept fishing lures in the cabinet so I haven’t gone near any of that stuff). I opened it and found our wedding cake knife and server engraved with our names and wedding date. It was all taped up…obviously Michael’s handiwork. I hadn’t seen it since our wedding. I didn’t even know we still had them.

Then I was looking for batteries and came across a decorative, miniature Harley gas tank in his dresser. Wrapped up inside was a crystal figurine he had given me of a mother and baby manatee. He bought it for me on our first family vacation to San Diego. He obviously wrapped it and put it inside so it wouldn’t break during our last move.

I always made fun of the way he packed (he packed by size and not by room…). While he seemed pretty disorganized and scattered, he took great care with even the smallest of my things and held onto things that I had lost track of. And he packed the last 3 homes we lived in and got each of them ready for sale. And I don’t think he knew how much I appreciated those things.

When I found the little manatee, I cried for about an hour.