When Michael was first diagnosed I searched for information on brain tumors, symptoms, medications, surgeries, hospitalizations, prognosis and timelines.

I didn’t find anything that fit our situation exactly but a lot of people find this blog by Googling “brain tumor”, “gliomas” “astrocytoma” “anaplastic astrocytomas” etc, so I imagine that some people are looking for information as I was last year.

So I’ll be posting, occasionally, information about the medical/process side of things. I will title those posts as Info: [subheading]

I am composing what will be either a post or a series of posts: Before the Seizure, Seizure and Hospitalization, Fighting with the Medical Community, Medication, Chemotherapy and Radiation, Decline, Home Care and Hospice, Ups and Downs, Mental Statuses, Final Deterioration and Death.

For patients or families searching for information, please feel free to email me directly and I will share what I can with you.