When Michael was first diagnosed I searched for information on brain tumors, symptoms, medications, surgeries, hospitalizations, prognosis and timelines. I didn’t find anything that fit our situation exactly but a lot of people find this blog by Googling “brain tumor” “gliomas” “astrocytoma” so I imagine that some people are looking for information and not just my emotional process. So I’ll be posting, occasionally, information about the medical side of things. Again, it will be our experience but I liked reading something, anything, from brain tumor families when these things first happened.

I’m going to do these Info posts: Before the Seizure, Seizure and Hospitalization, Fighting with the Medical Community, Medication, Chemotherapy and Radiation, Decline, Home Care and Hospice, Slides, Mental Statuses, Final Deterioration and Death.

These posts are for people looking at this difficult road.

I invite others and their families to share their experiences so that people facing these issues can learn. Feel free to share your own stories here or suggest topics for the blog. We need to be there for each other in facing this devastating disease.

Right now I’m doing emotionally blood letting here but as soon as I’m strong enough I’m going to, through the Michael A. DiCarlo Brain Tumor Foundation, beat this disease into the ground. Bet on it.