Michael loved JetBlue. The DirecTV was great for his ADD and his fear of flying, but he had this thing for their blue chips. He just thought they were the greatest things. I didn’t like them, but when we flew together I would ask for a bag and give it to him.

When I flew alone I would get at least one bag to bring home to him, if not more. I was always proud when I could wrangle a few bags for him. Even when they started selling blue chips in the supermarket, Michael was convinced they were not JetBlue good. And as I’ve chronicled on here again and again, the little things made him so happy. So I became an expert at hoarding JetBlue blue chips.


Today I flew JetBlue for the first time in a couple of years. I had a bagel and coffee getting on and wasn’t really hungry and yet, out of habit, I asked for the blue chips and dutifully put them in my bag.

I didn’t even think about it. It’s what I always do on JetBlue.

When I got to my hotel room I emptied my briefcase and there lie the blue chips.

And I was standing there fighting back tears with my head screaming, “DO NOT cry over a bag of blue potato chips. DO NOT.”

But I did.


Sometimes the reminders just feel….