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It’s Michael’s birthday. I am going to go to St. Patrick’s Cathedral at lunchtime to light a few candles and then tonight my son Michael, Gina and I are having lobster (Michael’s favorite meal in the whole wide world) at City Lobster in his honor.

Also I am making donations to his foundation and several other brain tumor organizations in his name.

The Michael A. DiCarlo Brain Tumor Foundation

The Michael A. DiCarlo page at the National Brain Tumor Society

Today reminds me of how sweet he was, how easy to please and how appreciative of anything you did that was special. Three years ago we went to the Palm so that he could have steak and lobster, then we went to see Mamma Mia on Broadway and I had reserved special back aisle seats for him (because he was so antsy). during the encores he was actually dancing (though he couldn’t dance, he was just swinging his arms around with a cute little smile on his face. gina and I were cracking up).

I had ordered a surprise stretch limo to take us home. While I was trying to figure out which limo was ours I asked him to go to a stand and get me a soda. He did and when he came back I still had not found the limo. I sent him back for another soda. He said, “We’re going to miss our train…” I insisted on another soda. He rolled his eyes but went back to the stand. By the time he got back I had located our limo and directed him toward it. His entire face lit up when he saw it. He sat in the back seat like a king, just smiling and touching every one of the controls like a little kid. He said, “I’ve never been in a limo before!” He loved it.

Two years ago the boys took him golfing and then we all went out to dinner and then they went fishing with him the next morning and to breakfast. He loved the attention though he wouldn’t have asked for it in a million years. His response was always “Gee…..for me? Really?” He had no expectations but was over-the-top thrilled whenever he got that kind of attention (people planning things for him).

He was the kind of person you loved doing things for or giving because he never expected it. He was just the sweetest person and I miss him so very much.

SO very very much.


May is Michael’s birth month and is also Brain Tumor Awareness Month.

This weekend is the Race for Hope in DC. I will be putting a team together for next year’s race. I hope to participate in races in New York and Boston in the fall.

If you’re interested in running/walking let me know. I’ll keep everyone updated throughout the year.

Race For Hope