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It simply doesn’t seem possible that it’s been one-year since Michael’s death and 23 months from that hellish day in September 2008 when my life changed forever.

There have been some changes in me and my grief over the past year. I don’t cry every day anymore. I simply can’t. There are some days where I just steer away from thoughts of Michael lest I fall down the rabbit hole for a few hours. Some days I just want to feel as close as I can to normal. Whatever that is.

I still have times when some thought springs into my head and water darts into my eyes. Sometimes I can blink them away. Sometimes I cannot.

There are Michael things that are here and Michael things that are gone.

His tool box is gone. His boat is gone. His van is gone. But so much remains. I even have his slippers still sitting by the basement door. As if he’s going to walk in and put them on.

I haven’t touched a thing in our bedroom filled with all the tokens of love we gave each other and all of our photos of our life together. I haven’t even moved the plaque that reads “Grow old along with me. The best is yet to be.” which has sat under the collage of our wedding and honeymoon in every house we’ve been in.
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UPDATE: 12/01/11 One of his customers, in the same boat as me, emailed me to ask what I did to get my photo back.
He has never returned the photo to me. He refused to send back the wedding photo of a grieving widow. I thought that maybe he would just go through his files and send it back. It is no use to him. It is the world to me. But he won’t give it back. To me, any decent human being would return it.

He wanted me to send a letter saying I wouldn’t sue him, but there would be no basis for a lawsuit if I had my photo back. If he sent it delivery confirmation it would be his defense against a possible lawsuit. As an attorney I would never file a false complaint. The court would have my hide. All I wanted was my photo back, but I wasn’t sending a letter saying I would NEVER sue him. Suppose my photo came back damaged? I put, in writing, to the BBB that all I wanted was my photo back and still he refused to send it. To me, that is just spite. Pure evil spite.

To me, any man who would purposely and spitefully keep the wedding photo of a grieving widow is the lowest of the low. Besides, he was PAID for a project and never gave a product nor gave me my original back. I’ve never gotten anything for the $175 he was already paid AND I lost my photo.

After hearing her story today (she saw my review on Yelp!), it is obvious he is still doing the same thing to people. MY ADVICE: Stay away, far away, from this guy.

Two years ago I had a photo restoration expert restore a photo of my brother. I was very happy with his suggestions and gave him carte blanche to do the restoration as he saw fit.

After Michael died, I received a photo from one of my son’s in-laws taken at his wedding. It was a picture of Michael and I dancing and it reminded me of our wedding photo. We had our photos originally done at a brand new shop that managed to ruin most of our wedding and honeymoon photos. It was one of the only good ones I had and it was the only 5 x 7 there was of the wedding.
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