I am fortunate that I was able to afford a full-time caregiver for Michael so he could stay home where he wanted to be. At one point they wanted to put him in a nursing home. Oh, I can’t even imagine that. I had to get someone to help me care for him at home. The insurance company would only pay for a nurse if he needed it and since he was in pallative care, they wouldn’t do it. So I found a CNA and he made more money than most people I know. But he was excellent and I wanted Michael well taken care of. Admittedly it wiped me out financially and I am still feeling the ramifications of being wiped out, but I was able to do it. Many people cannot. I had the “luxury” of deciding to spend every cent on Michael’s care but many people simply cannot afford that.

One of the few comforts I had was that Michael was at home for the last 9 months of his life where he wanted to be. He was surrounded by those who loved him and in his own environment. It was the best thing I could have done. Had he had to have gone into a nursing home, I would have been consumed with guilt.

Home care is important.