I have been doing so well lately as in feeling healing kicking in…going some days without a tear.

But music seems to move me. The other night I burst into tears hearing Who Knew by Pink and then today it was 100 Tears Away by Vonda Shepard and Cross My Heart by George Strait. Very different songs but each evoking so much.

I sobbed at each of these 3 songs.

I know that part of what moves me is that I know that Michael loved me truly and I loved him. What he gave to me…wanting to make all my dreams come true…caring for me and loving me with all his heart and soul is something no one else ever would or could and what I gave to him…loving him over the years…making him laugh and feeling secure and that I was there for him unconditionally…walking his last miles with him, carrying him, caring for him and being there as he died in my arms is the greatest thing that two people could ever ever do for each other.

And I love that I could experience that but I miss him so much…