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As I’ve said on many posts and on <a href=" “>Michaels NTBS page, Michael’s concern was for kids with cancer. When he would see them in the radiation suite, he would always talk to them and would say to me, “I’ve lived my life. They should be out playing.”

There are many causes and foundations to promote. If you have one, let me know. This is for Bella:


The 3rd anniversary of Michaels seizure just passed. I wasn’t home for it. I went to MA to spend the weekend with my family.

I have written on here about going through things since he got sick. We had not yet unpacked so much of the basement/garage when he got sick. I was writing the book for the year prior and we were going to go through things that winter. It never happened.
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My husband had a brain tumor. In the summer before he was diagnosed, he acted very weird. Very off-center. It was perplexing. I thought he had fallen out of love with me or was having an affair. I also feared early Alzheimers. The personality change was very upsetting. He was fine for his birthday in May but was exhibiting “oddness” on Father’s Day and grew progressively worse until the middle of July. Then he returned to his old self. Then he was gone again for a couple of weeks and then back again. His boss noted his oddness. Everyone noted it. No one was sure what it meant.

He had a seizure on September 16, 2008. Three years ago today.

On that day, my life changed completely. I knew that something had been wrong, but I didn’t know what.

He was rushed to the hospital where he continued to seize and then taken to a bigger hospital where they intubated him and put him in medically induced coma. For the first week or so, I sat there not knowing what was going on, staring at the plain walls of the NeuroICU. I agreed to a spinal tap and then to brain surgery to find out what was going on. The masses in his brain were so large on the x-ray that no one thought they could possibly be tumors. No one could be walking around with that much tumor mass in his head, said the doctors. It covered almost the entire right side and some of the left side. We hoped that they were right. We hoped it was a virus and he would take some medication and be well.
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