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The Role Of Support Networks In The Fight Against Cancer by David Haas

Cancer is a battle. In fact, it is the toughest battle most people will ever face. Cancer is a disease of aggression and isolation. But no one has to face the battle alone.

Support networks are important weapons in the fight against cancer. Numerous local, national, and global networks exist to support cancer patients every step of the way. Some of them are community groups, where members interact face-to-face. Others are online communities, where people communicate through blogs, email, and discussion boards.
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Small boys become big men through the influence of big men who care about small boys.” ~ Author Unknown

When Michael died, we had a small, private service for him because he was an intensely private man who had love for a small, select group. At first the kids and I just wanted it to be for only us but a few people came to support us. I spoke at the service as did the kids. We did not want clergy or others to speak about someone they did not know. It was important that we all said our piece. They were heartfelt and heart wrenching memorials to a man who loved us and never hurt us or abandoned us. I was married to the man for 13 years and he never once made me cry. He stood up and became a father to my boys. He taught them what it was like to be a man. He loved his daughters. He loved his grandchildren.
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