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Those who know me, know that I spent a good portion of my time in the 70s, 80s, 90s and even 00s following Bruce, SSJ and other Jersey sound bands. I went with my friend Marian who was my cohort in the 70s and 80s in following the bands…in fact, she introduced me to Bruce before anyone knew who he was…in 1972, but I regret not sharing a Springsteen concert with Michael, although I doubt he would find the prices of the tickets for anyone but Andrea Boccelli worth it (he paid a substantial markup to surprise me with those tickets for one of our anniversaries). As it is with so many things, I thought I had “time.” And time is the one thing you can never count on having. When we decided to give my son an engagement party instead of renewing our vows and reliving our honeymoon at year 10, we said “Oh we’ll do it for year 15…” not knowing he would be terminally ill and unable to travel when that terrible year came around. If you are putting off something you really want to do because you’ll do it some other time, think again. I wish I had brought Michael to one Springsteen concert. I think he would have liked it a lot.

But the only music I can seem to listen to and smile are the Jersey sound songs…it brings back so many memories of all those years and happiness…

The only song that made me cry was this one and we played it at Michael’s service while the video of his life played…and it destroys me every time, but this version is especially haunting.

When Michael got sick, I knew NOTHING about brain tumors.  I did not know that brain cancer/brain tumors is very often a death sentence.  There are some forms of cancer that are much harder to cure than others.  One of the reasons is that very aggressive radiation cannot be given to the whole brain because you will kill good brain cells and the effects of THAT can be devastating.  Some facts about brain tumors:

Each year over 210,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with a primary or metastatic brain tumor – that’s over 575 people every day.

Because brain tumors are located at the control center for thought, emotion, and movement, their effects on an individual’s physical and cognitive abilities can be devastating.

Among children under age 20, brain tumors are the most common form of solid tumor, and the second leading cause of cancer-related death, following leukemia.

Research remains under-funded; organizations like NBTS are critical in meeting the needs of patients, families, caregivers, medical professionals, and researchers.

No two brain tumors are alike. Prognosis, or expected outcome, is dependent on several factors including the type of tumor, location, response to treatment, an individual’s age, and overall health status.

There are more than 120 different types of brain tumors, making effective treatment very complicated.

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