This beautiful song by Jon Regan was written during his dad’s fight with cancer (which he beat). I know there are a lot of readers here who have loved ones who are battling and I hope they win. I meet people every year at our Walks whose loved ones are winning. Even though Brain Cancer is a killer there are people at every single event who have beaten it. There are people who beat cancer when the odds are they would not. I feel a pang of jealousy and then I cheer for them. I do not want anyone to know the heartache we have known.

My winter has been quiet. I broke my hand in October and have been trying to write a book with a broken arm. The holidays were quiet.

When I heard this song, I cried. Played it again, and then cried again.

It’s a wonderful song by a genius artist and if you have been affected by this horrible disease, it will touch you.  I am truly truly grateful his father made it to the other side of this horrible disease.

Music has given me a connection to my grief over the past few years and yet there are only a few that really speak to me and this was one. Thank you Jon and thank you Jeff Kazee (brilliant musician himself) for sharing it on Twitter.