As most of you know, GPYP/GPYB would not exist without Michael. He was the one who encouraged me and kept telling me that though I was a busy lawyer, people needed my help and he kept encouraging me to do the blog on the side and write the book. Even though they were two more things that took my time away from him (which he loved–spending time with me), he encouraged me in these endeavors and without him neither the GPYB blog nor the book would exist. Each year we’ve been participating in a fund raiser to raise money for desperately needed research and treatment for the disease that killed him. In 2011 we did the Race for Hope in Washington DC and last year and this year we are doing the NY Brain Tumor Walk on beautiful Governor’s Island.

If you are interested in donating to our team, all contributions go directly to the NBTS and are tax deductible. And we THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support in this effort as Michael supported my effort in getting this blog and book to all of you.

If you donate, please be sure to leave your home address as I send thank you cards via US mail afterward. If not, I’ll email you but I find that so impersonal when someone has donated to something as special as this is or means as much to me as this does.

Thank you so much.

The Michael A. DiCarlo Brain Tumor Foundation “Get M.A.D. at Brain Cancer!” 2013 team fund raising page

Photos from our last 2 events:

2012 NYC Brain Tumor Walk

2011 Race for Hope in Washington DC