Sunday is Michael’s birthday and it’s Memorial Day weekend. We did Rolling Thunder for years on Memorial Day weekend and, as a Vietnam Vet, it was very healing for him to spend it with his biker/vet brothers. I miss those days riding our Harleys from Boston to DC and chit chatting/joking on the headsets in our helmets. Everything was so much fun…I miss those wknds with him SO much. May is also Brain Tumor Awareness Month and our fund raiser walk is in NYC on Father’s Day. Michael survived Vietnam but could not survive brain cancer…it’s such a killer and its research is so underfunded and so much is needed toward research and treatment. We in the brain cancer support community also lost a few of our children warriors this week and as Michael always said about kids in cancer treatment, “They should be out playing, not in here.” Brain cancer is a leading form of childhood death and incredibly difficult to treat. I explain it on our page (why so difficult).

If you can donate to our team to help eradicate this killer disease, we would appreciate it.

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