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I saw this plane go down that day.

I was on the last ferry to Hoboken (they all left to go into rescue mode after dropping off the passengers.)

I saw the news later that day and the next morning and saw the ferry operators who had just dropped us in Hoboken be the first to arrive at the plane.

But I was in the middle of my own personal crisis. I had spent the week talking to hospice and bracing for my own impact.

When hospice appeared, it meant something. Something bad.

Therefore, I felt strangely disconnected to the events taking place on the Hudson.

A plane just crashed into the Hudson. A fellow ferry passenger was screaming that he worked for the airlines and no way anyone survived a plunge into the Hudson. He said everyone on the plane must be dead.

I was unclear about what really happened. I heard it, but it was an odd sound. Definitely hadn’t exploded. While it was still in the air it looked as if it would land right on us, but the ferry crew nonchalantly docked the boat, let us off, before they went off on a rescue mission as if this was the time of day they go rescue people from a jet languishing on the icy Hudson River.

I couldn’t see the plane from where I was. I stood on the dock for a while but it was cold so I walked inside to the train station.

Once on the train, I was hoping it would leave the station without the events on the river affecting my departure.

Was there really a crash?

It didn’t look as if the plane was crashing, just coming down.

Still, the airlines dude was yelling that he knew all about water landings and there was most likely no chance of surviving one. He was a crazy person describing different times a plane landed on water and broke into a million pieces, as the man on the video below talks about. I had no idea if he was right or not, but he was making the rest of us a bit crazy too.
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